District Leaders 

District Board 2019-2020 (or Core Team)

At the Spring District Conference on May 2019, following leaders were elected.
The executive committee will be active from July 1 2019 until June 30 2020.

Manie Conradie - ACB, ALB District Director
Robert van der Meer - DTMProgram Quality Director
Juan Manuel Perafan - ACG, ALSClub Growth Director
Pascal Vilarem - CC, ALBAdministration Manager
Frank Cremer – DTMFinance Manager
Marion Chevalier – DTMPublic Relations Manager
Lucy SennefDistrict Spring Conference Chair
Arnout Nederpelt - DTMParliamentarian
Siegfried Haack - ACS, ALBImmediate Past District Director

Division A

First NameLast NamePositionArea
CamilleColnéDivision DirectorDivision A
BéatriceSagnaArea DirectorArea A1
SabrinaKecheroudArea DirectorArea A2
CharlyRabouanArea DirectorArea A3
Jean-Marie FayetteArea DirectorArea A4
LaurentQuénoyArea DirectorArea A5
EricBahArea DirectorArea A6

Division B

First NameLast NamePositionArea
HelenaRuiz-Fabra Division DirectorDivision B
MonicaDimitriuArea DirectorArea B1
MarieDubostArea DirectorArea B2
ValentinaCaimiArea DirectorArea B3
IgnaasVermeulenArea DirectorArea B4

Division C

First NameLast NamePositionArea
Division DirectorDivision C
JulitaDaviesArea DirectorArea C1
PeterMestrumArea DirectorArea C2
ConnyOrabyArea DirectorArea C3

Division D

First NameLast NamePositionArea
VirginiaAndersonDivision DirectorDivision D
Dominiquevan AckerArea DirectorArea D1
FrancisBeckerArea DirectorArea D2
DirkStockmansArea DirectorArea D3

Division E

First NameLast NamePositionArea

Division DirectorDivision E
Brit Hopmann Area DirectorArea E1
Area DirectorArea E2
KiemthinTjong Tjin JoeArea DirectorArea E3
PhilippeCoxArea DirectorArea E4
ShashidharLakshmanaArea DirectorArea E5

Division F

First NameLast NamePositionArea
MartaRybczynskaDivision DirectorDivision F
Area DirectorArea F1
Suzanne BarrattArea DirectorArea F2
Jean ValéryGnayoroArea DirectorArea F3
PreetiVenkateshanArea DirectorArea F4

Division G

First NameLast NamePositionArea
ErikKralDivision DirectorDivision G
DaltonLewisArea DirectorArea G1
TheoTeunissenArea DirectorArea G2
LucySennefArea DirectorArea G3
ArthurBenninkArea DirectorArea G4