Annual Awards

Annual Awards

Every year the District recognises Toastmasters members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service with annual awards.

District Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year: This is typically awarded to a Toastmaster who is not a top District Officer, Division Director or Area Director, but who makes a significant contribution to the goals and mission of the District.

Area Director of the Year: This award recognizes anĀ Area DirectorĀ whose dedication, commitment, and area team significantly contributed towards achieving the district mission.Ā The nomination form gives you an idea what Toastmasters expects from a good Area Director. Nevertheless sometimes itĀ“s not only the statistical performance which makes the difference and adds to the DistrictĀ“s success.

Division DirectorĀ of the Year:Ā Given annually to theĀ Division DirectorĀ with the most outstanding performance in membership building and retention, club extension, education/training, leadership and other areas critical to district success.

Recent recipients of awards are listed below.

Toastmaster of the Year

2015/16Muktha MuraleeNetherlands
2014/15Ana Isabel FerreiraPortugal
2013/14Rodolfo MoralezGermany
2012/13Dominique CarrascoFrance
2011/12Tuire VuolasvirtaSweeden
2010/11John ZimmerSwitzerland
2009/10Carol BausorFrance
2008/09Morag MathiesonGermany

Area Director of the Year

2015/16Crista FilipLuxembourg
2014/15Margarida BritesLuxembourg
2013/14Nelson EmilioPortugal
2013/14Marzena AugustynPoland
2009/10Toni PurdyCzech Republic
2008/09Joao de MendoncaPortugal

Division Director of the Year

2015/16Nacho ArenasSpain
2014/15Sandra Van de CauterSwitzerland
2013/14Marco MeirelesPortugal
2009/10Kai Gabriele Kru00fcgerGermany
2008/09Jaap RusschenbergNetherlands