2024 Annual awards

Every year, the District grants awards to recognize the exceptional service and dedication of individual Toastmasters.

Area Director of the Year

This award recognizes an Area Director whose dedication, commitment, and Area team contributed significantly to achieving the District mission. Refer to the nomination form to understand what Toastmasters expects from a good Area Director. But don’t just focus on the numbers; think about how the Area Director contributed to the District’s success overall.

2024 Area director
of the year

Vicki Gerber – Area 4 Director (Division A)

Toastmasters of Paris (FR)

Division Director of the Year

Granted annually to the Division Director with the most outstanding performance in membership building and retention, club growth, education and training, leadership and other areas critical to District success.

2024 DIVISION Director
of the Year

LĂ©on van der Ploeg – Division G Director

SpreekMeesters – Toastmasters Groningen (NL)

District Toastmaster of the Year

Awarded to a Toastmaster who makes a significant contribution to the goals and mission of the District in a given year.

2024 Toastmaster
of the Year

Milena Loga DTM – Asst Division E Director Easy-Speak and Pathways support

McDermott Toastmasters – The Hague (NL)

2024 Toastmaster
of the Year

Amol Palve – Asst Division E Director Club Extension chair

Lighttown Speakers (NL)

2024 Toastmaster
of the Year

StĂ©phanie Tamas – Division F Director

Les Mots Passants (FR)

Appreciation awards

Iana Iutsun

Arnaud Sartre

Kirsti Gjertsen

LĂ©vi Claes

Honorable Mentions for 10 DCP points

Paris La DĂ©fense (FR) Community Club
Deventer Toastmasters (NL) Community Club
Apeldoorn Toastmaster (NL) Community Club
OECD (FR) Corporate Club
McDermott Toastmasters – The Hague (NL) Corporate Club