District Executive Committee

On this page, we will try to keep you updated as precisely as possible with the DEC meetings, through the publishing of their minutes.

What is the DISTRICT Executive Committee?

There are two types of governing bodies in every District: District Council Members (DCM), and the District Executive Committee (DEC).
These two groups have complementary purposes, actions, perimeters.

If you are a District Officer (Area Director, Division Director, or Core Team Officer), you will be part of both DCM and DEC. The Club President and Club Vice President Education are also members in the DCM.

(image from the District Leadership Handbook, available on Toastmasters International’s official website: here.)

The District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the District Public Relations Manager, the District Administration Manager, the District Finance Manager, the Area Directors, and Division Directors, together with the Immediate Past District Director, shall be the District Executive Committee, which shall have all functions and powers of the District Council except such powers as may be reserved by the District Council to itself; subject at all times to the general direction and approval of the District Council.

A majority of the District Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. This committee shall recommend the division of the District into Areas and Divisions for approval at the annual meeting. The District Executive Committee shall prepare a budget in the form prescribed by Toastmasters International, covering estimated receipts and expenditures for the ensuing year, and shall submit it to the District Council for approval in order to submit the approved budget to World Headquarters by September 30. This proposed budget shall be acted upon by the District Council at its first meeting. The District Executive Committee shall have such other duties as are delegated to it by the District Council.

To lean more about what the DEC does, visit the Toastmasters.org dedicated page: just here.

the District Executive Committee (DEC) includes:

District Core Team Leaders

  • District Director (DD)
  • Program Quality Director (PQD)
  • Club Growth Director (CGD)
  • Public Relations Manager (PRM)
  • Administrative Manager (AM)
  • Finance Manager (FM)
  • Immediate Past District Director (IPDD)

District Leaders

  • Area Directors (AD)
  • Division Directors (DivD)


District Executive Committees Meetings

The District Executive Committee meets at least four times each year. One meeting must be conducted in-person, and additional meetings may be conducted virtually. Virtual meetings occur as directed by the District Director and are agreed upon by a majority of the District Executive Committee. The meeting agenda is posted at least 14 days in advance, and notice of voting is provided four weeks in advance to the members of the District Executive Committee.

DEC Meetings Minutes

Below you may find the Minutes and documents from previous District Executive Committees Meetings:

DEC Meeting online – 5 September 2021

  • Coming soon

DEC Meeting online – 4 July 2021

DEC MEETING ONLINE – 11th April 2021