District Elections for 2022-2023

Vote on May 7th for your next District Leaders

Dear District 59 Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education and District Executive Committee Members,

The District Leadership Committee, under the guidance of Erik Hesselink and Lucy Sennef as DLC Chair and DLC Co-Chair, will interview all nominated candidates for the District Leadership positions for 2022-2023 in District 59. Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education, please register and attend the District Council Members meeting for the elections.


After the interviews and deliberations, they put forward the following people as nominated candidates. You must have received an email with all the information so that you can register to participate to the vote on Saturday, May 7, 2022.

If you did not receive District Council Members meeting email, please contact core@district59.org to remain updated on the event.

The election of District 59 Officers is held during the District Council Members meeting (DCM), that will take place on Saturday, May 7, 2022. The Officers are elected for the term starting upcoming July 1, 2022 till June 30, 2023.

Elected vs Appointed

The following positions are elected positions: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and Division Directors and Public Relations Manager.

The positions of Finance Manager, Administration Manager and Area Directors are appointed by the incoming District Director of 2022-2023. Their confirmation takes place at the first DCM after July 1.

About Proxies

For next DCM – Saturday, May 7th, 2022 – there are no proxies.
Questions can be directed to core@district59.org.

Learn more about your candidates

The candidates to elected position have been offered to publish a photo and a statement to help the voters of the District Council – Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education + voting Core Team members + Division and Area Directors – to make their decision.
These photos and statements are published in the following article: District Officers 2022-2023 elections (update needed): Candidates’ Corner.

The candidates for 2022-2023 District Leadership positions

* Where more than one candidate have been nominated, the candidates are listed in alphabetical order by family name.


  • District Director – Arnout Nederpelt, DTM
  • Program Quality Director – OPEN
  • Club Growth Director – Ilona Ruitenberg
  • Public Relations Manager – Fred Eijkenboom
  • ParliamentarianJose Manuel Sanchez (Kin)
  • Finance Manger – OPEN
  • Administration Manager – OPEN


  • Division Director Mohammed Taha El Ahmar
  • A1 – OPEN
  • A2 – OPEN
  • A3 – Mounia Ben Yahia
  • A4 – Tricia Sampson
  • A5 – Pierre Li Cavoli
  • A6 – Philippe-Minh Nguyen


  • Division Director – OPEN
  • B1 – Prashant Kadam
  • B2 – OPEN
  • B3 – Minh Huynh Thủy
  • B4 – OPEN
  • B5 – OPEN
  • B6 – OPEN


  • Division Director – Natascha Jacobsz
  • C1 – Jag Gill
  • C2 – Kevin Cheng
  • C3 – Tony Schoen


  • Division Director – OPEN
  • D1 – Evgenia Jeitz
  • D2 – Christina Le Duc
  • D3 – OPEN
  • D4 – OPEN


  • Division Director – Yannick Frans
  • E1 – OPEN
  • E2 – Dora Kemecsei
  • E3 – Dimitri Biniaris
  • E4 – Amol Palve


  • Division Director – Nick Cox
  • F1 – Edelina Kircheva
  • F2 – Zahra Vaghefi
  • F3 – Open
  • F4 – Christian Jacques Bonetto


  • Division Director – Paul Appeldoorn
  • G1 – Leon van der Ploeg
  • G2 – Ronald Creemers
  • G3 – Frans Soelman