Public Relations (PR) Resources

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What Public Relations are, and what is the global frame

Welcome to the wonderful world of Toastmasters PR!

May you want to contribute/share materials, or have questions about a brand issue before to take any risk of fail, please contact the District PR Manager: Contact page (put “Public Relations” as general topic of your message).

This page will provide you a large range of resources. We hope they will be useful for your Public Relations:

2020-2021 Updated Toastmasters Brand Manual

Other very useful Brand elements

Find your way in the Web-Web 2.0 D59 jungle

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If you are looking for sponsoring for your Club, Area, Division or District Conference then you need to be aware of the Toastmasters Policy for Fundraising: Protocol 8.2: Fundraising

If instead it is your Club that is sponsoring some kind of event, remember that each Club is an autonomous entity and the Members can decide what to sponsor. But make clear that it is the Club which is sponsoring.
In the case of a request for sponsoring from Toastmasters the following policy applies: Policy 5.0: Corporate and Community Activities.


Roadmap for Spring Contests
Powerpoint template: D59_ContestRoadmap_ReadyToPersonalize