District Leadership Committee (DLC) 2024-2025

Dear District 59 Members, 

Now is the season for applications and nominations for 2024-2025 District Leaders who manage your dues, training, contests and the growth of your clubs.

  • Did you know you can nominate your District Leaders?
  • Did you know you can also apply? 
  • Are you ready to take a step above club level leadership and challenge your growth in Toastmasters? 

Before January 15, apply yourself or nominate someone you know. Send in the Application Form and the Nomination Form, Candidate Biography, Candidate Release Agreement (with photo) IF YOU HAVE A MAC, use ADOBE (not Preview) to open and sign your forms.

Interviews for elected positions and Core Team roles are between November 1, 2023 and February 28, 2024.

December 1 is the District 59 opening date for nominations from eligible members who have served as Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education and who are members of clubs in good standing (with more than 8 paid members).
District 59 District Leader nominations are open for eligible members who have served as Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education and who are members of clubs in good standing (with more than 8 paid members). Elections and appointments take place on April 30.

Purpose of the DLC

The purpose of the District Leadership Committee (DLC) is to evaluate all candidates for District elected positions and nominate the best candidate(s).

The DLC voting members consist of a representative from each Division in District 59.

District Leadership Committee Chair Arnaut Sartre is the manager and a non-voting member of the Committee. See below our DLC team with seven division representatives.

Our DLC Division Representatives 2024-2025 candidates and elections:

What do District Leaders Do?

District Leaders manage your club dues to provide funds for your Area, Division and District contests (venue and trophies, for example), your Club Officer Training (COT), and more. District Leader Area Directors visit your clubs and let the District know what your issues and needs are.

YOU gain Competencies in taking a District leader role.

What are the positions?

Area or Division Director-Any current or past  Club President or Vice President Education can apply or be nominated for Area Director or Division Director. Area Director candidates, contact your Area Director and the DLC Chair.

District Support Roles-Any member may become an Administration, Finance or Public Relations Manager.

The District Trio Roles-Club Growth Director (like the VP Membership), Program Quality Director (like the VP Education) and District Director (like the Club President) are at a higher level. The requirements are found in the District Leadership Committee description and in the Candidate Application.

IMPORTANT DATES for candidates

  • District Officer candidate declaration — December 1
  • Send forms to dlc@district59.org by January 15
  • Interviews NovemberFebruary 28
  • DLC notifies District Director of candidates — March 19
  • DLC report/documents/floor candidates April 2
  • District Council Members – elections April 30

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