D59 in TMI Magazine

District 59 members have contributed articles to Toastmasters Magazine or they have featured in the articles published in Toastmasters Magazine.

Here is the beginning of the collection of links to those articles. Do you want to see the link to your article published?




December 2010
Letters to the Editor
Don’t Fret Over Faux Pas by Philip Yaffe

October 2010
Sweden’s King Speaks From the Heart
By Daniel Bengtsson
Speaking About Sports
Features: Norman Bücher

May 2010
The Best-Kept Networking Secrets
Features Odille Petillot

April 2010
Turn: Link by Link and Tweet by Tweet
By John Zimmer
Letters to the Editor
Medical Story Makes Healthy Contribution by Marianne Krampe
In Favor of Evolving Language by Mark Louis Uhrich

March 2010
The Better Your Write It, the Better Your Say It
by Philip Yaffe

January 2010
Letters to the Editor
Find a Club Gavel Wherever You Travel by Jack Vincent


October 2009
Letters to the Editor
What a Wit! by Peter Temesvary

August 2009
Letters to the Editor
Persuaded to Try to Persuade by Danaë Dereau

June 2009
Letters to the Editor
Am I The Only One? by Steve Richards

March 2009
Manner of Speaking: Filled With Funny
Features John Zimmer

January 2009
Letters to the Editor
Proud of Toastmasters by Roy Skinner


November 2008
Letters to the Editor
No Lip Service – Please! by Susan Vogel-Misicka

June 2008
Letters to the Editor
Tips: Toward a Transcending Ending by Philip Yaffe
Switzerland to the Rescue  by Susan Vogel-Misicka


June 2007
Letters to the Editor
Save the Trees by Wim van Teeffelen

March 2007
Letters to the Editor
High Score for Evaluation Issue by Francisco Saraiva


December 2006
A question of Mind Over Matter by Bill Monsour