Pathways: Toastmasters’ Education program

What Pathways is

Pathways is the name of Toastmasters International Education Program.
It was definetely released in Europe in July 2020, after lots of evolutions and a long testing process.

Since then, each District Member has been able to progress through her-his own Path …chosen among 11!

Here is a video presentation which should help you understand how Toastmasters help their Members in their growing path:

Which of the 11 Paths will you chose?

Toastmasters International has created 11 Paths in their Education Program, so that each one or another can fit your objectives. Which one will be yours?

Dynamic Leadership

Effective Coaching


Innovative Planning

Leadership development

Motivational Strategies

Persuasive Influence

Presentation Mastery

Strategic Relationships


Visionary Communication

Take the test that will help you chose, and get more information and details on the Pathways Overview Toastmasters page.

At the very begining, there were 10 education Paths in Pathways. Then Toastmasters received many demands on getting a path that would contain humorous challenges. So the 11th Path was born: Engaging Humor. You will find the story of this birth in the Toastmasters magazine with the article “A Path to Help You Win Laughs”.

How to get into Pathways (D59 resource)

Zsuzanna Corridori, 2019-2020 District Pathways Coordinator, created a workflow so that you can follow step by step the process of your first access to Pathways.
Also we hope this can be a useful tool to you District and Club Officers you will share with your Members.

Click on the image below if you want to download this complete step-by-step workflow:

Click here if the page does not open.

As a very interesting resource when you will get in touch with your BaseCamp, the Toastmasters Fonske Leuven Club in Belgium created a much complete page you will find here.

Who is your Pathways Coordinator?

Find below the 2019-2020 information, as there were no Pathways Coordinators nominated in 2020-2021. – To be updated in 2021-2022? 😉

Division A: Fidel Said | Division B: Helena Ruiz Fabra | Division C: Gerben Broens | Division D: Virginie Lemay & Francis Becker | Division E: Mia Benjamin & Helmi Tatanaki | Division F: Danae Margerit | Division G: Anneke Tijmensen || District 59: Zsuzsanna Corridori.

Going further: Pathways’ Story

The creation of Pathways, succeeding to Toastmasters’ former education program, has a story that can have interest for some of you.

Pathways is the result of an observation from the heart of our organisation. Toastmasters World Headquarter has worked on Members needs in order to provide an up-to-date meaningful experience.

Thus Pathways is the result of modernization concern for our Members, helping them develop and grow in various competencies, in touch with nowadays standards.

More details in this video:

You should know…

  • Toastmasters International is constantly working on renovating Base Camp to improve user experience by taking design and development in-house.
  • What about translating? In order to make sure the translations are accurate, Toastmasters International rely on invaluable contributions from volunteer reviewers who inspect all translated materials for accuracy. Meet them here.
  • Members are able to access all projects on all levels of their path.
  • Tips for members: before giving a speech outside of a club meeting, submit your external training completion for approval in base camp.
  • Tips for Base Camp Managers: before approving a level, verify whether every project has been done by the member. The following picture explains the requirements of every level:

We hope the information you find here answers all your questions.

For any further information about Pathways (education) or any other topic concerning Toastmasters International and the District 59, contact us through the Contact page (put “Education & Training” as main topic of your message).