Easy Speak

Easy Speak is a software to organise meetings.

The Easy Speak tool allows members to request speeches or take roles online within seconds. The participants of a meeting can easily see what their tasks and roles are during the upcoming meeting. And in case somebody has to cancel participation: the meeting manager (VP Education or the Toastmaster or ...) gets a response and can easily put in or ask somebody else.

So it´s really easy to speak as you don´t waste much energy for the organisation.

Check out the website and if your club is not yet running meetings with this tool: get in contact with clubs that do so and ask for their experiences. 

Easy Speak was created by Malcom Warden in the District 71

In our District 59 there is support for Malcom by the Easy Speak Admin team:

Jeanette Aronson, Ivan Askenov, Milan Brunclik, Ellen Hermens, Bill Monsour, Joao de Mendonca, Oliver Rodermund and Kai Steinbach.

Thanks to their great support !

An extensive Knowledge Base and Help Line for any kind of question is ready to support you.

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