District Leaders 

District Board 2017-2018 (or Core Team)

At the Spring District Conference on May 2017, following leaders were elected.
The executive committee will be active from July 1 2017 until June 30 2018.

Ana Isabel Ferreira - ACB, ALS
Ana Isabel Ferreira - ACB, ALSDistrict Director
Chantale Evertsz - ACS, ALB
Chantale Evertsz - ACS, ALBProgram Quality Director D59
Nelson Emílio - DTM
Nelson Emílio - DTMProgram Quality Director D107
Ulrike Laubner - ACS, ALB
Ulrike Laubner - ACS, ALBProgram Quality Director D109
Siegfried Haack – CC, ALB
Siegfried Haack – CC, ALBClub Growth Director D59
Nacho Arenas – CC, ALS
Nacho Arenas – CC, ALSClub Growth Director D107
Francesco Fedele – DTM
Francesco Fedele – DTMClub Growth Director D109
Bárbara Piedade - ACS, ALB
Bárbara Piedade - ACS, ALBPublic Relations Manager
Clara Noble - ACS, ALB
Clara Noble - ACS, ALBAdministration Manager
Ray Noble - ACS, ALB
Ray Noble - ACS, ALBFinance Manager
Raquel Garcia - CC, CL
Raquel Garcia - CC, CLFinance Manager Assistant D107
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTM
Dimitrios Diamantopoulos - DTMFinance Manager Assistant D109
Markus Kuenkel - DTM
Markus Kuenkel - DTMImmed.Past District Director

Division A

First NameLast NamePositionArea
NathalieDamasDivision DirectorDivision A
MarkFinneranArea DirectorArea A1
AudeHerrenschimdtArea DirectorArea A2
ChristineCoat-MorelArea DirectorArea A3
AlainMericArea DirectorArea A4
IgorVersteegArea DirectorArea A5

Division B

First NameLast NamePositionArea
LucienBollenDivision DirectorDivision B
ValbonaZefiArea DirectorArea B1
MortadhaJouiniArea DirectorArea B2
AnkeSeidlerArea DirectorArea B3
Pieter-JanRemautArea DirectorArea B4
SophieCrushovalievaArea DirectorArea B5
FabienBallArea DirectorArea B6
Jean-PhilippeStijnsArea DirectorArea B7

Division C

First NameLast NamePositionArea
Robertvan der MeerDivision DirectorDivision C
LaverneHuntArea DirectorArea C1
JasperDe JongArea DirectorArea C2
CoraHollanderArea DirectorArea C3
TamarStrietmanArea DirectorArea C4
FrankVolmanArea DirectorArea C5

Division D

First NameLast NamePositionArea
LuisPrazeresDivision DirectorDivision D
Carla SofiaFarinhaArea DirectorArea D1
AntonioMendesArea DirectorArea D2
SofiaVieiraArea DirectorArea D3

Division E

First NameLast NamePositionArea
BigiVitolic KobletDivision DirectorDivision E
AndreasGreigerArea DirectorArea E1
MarkusRedingArea DirectorArea E2
WernerIserArea DirectorArea E3
StaceyWallabergerArea DirectorArea E4

Division F

First NameLast NamePositionArea
PascalVilaremDivision DirectorDivision F
AlexandraNechiforArea DirectorArea F1
DavidPhilipponArea DirectorArea F2
BilalAhmed KhanArea DirectorArea F3

Division G

First NameLast NamePositionArea
MetaxiaKritsidimaDivision DirectorDivision G
GianniCurciArea DirectorArea G1
NicolaZavariseArea DirectorArea G2
PatriciaMansencalArea DirectorArea G3
LorenzoGiosArea DirectorArea G4
MariaNavrouzoglouArea DirectorArea G5
TarekDesirArea DirectorArea G6

Division H

First NameLast NamePositionArea
CristinaJuesasDivision DirectorDivision H
AliciaMancheñoArea DirectorArea H1
PabloGarcia EstevezArea DirectorArea H2
LauraBuenoArea DirectorArea H3
VictorLópezArea DirectorArea H4
MónicaBóbeda AllendeArea DirectorArea H5

Division I

First NameLast NamePositionArea
ThomasSchneiderDivision DirectorDivision I
MiaoGerhardArea DirectorArea I1
KlemensHoegenauerArea DirectorArea I2
ManuAlexanderArea DirectorArea I3

Division J

First NameLast NamePositionArea
AiresMarquesDivision DirectorDivision J
FranceAubinArea DirectorArea J1
LucaBertagnolioArea DirectorArea J2
ThierryMorelArea DirectorArea J3

Division K

First NameLast NamePositionArea
EmiliaFossatiDivision DirectorDivision K
PeterMatejkaArea DirectorArea K1
SandraAlmeida DuarteArea DirectorArea K2
StellaMallyArea DirectorArea K3
SheilaMacMillanArea DirectorArea K4

Division L

First NameLast NamePositionArea
AlexandraNunesDivision DirectorDivision L
SofiaAndradeArea DirectorArea L1
VeraCunhaArea DirectorArea L2
Ana RitaNogueiraArea DirectorArea L3
SílviaVilasArea DirectorArea L4

Division M

First NameLast NamePositionArea
FlávioOliveiraDivision DirectorDivision M
JoaquimPintoArea DirectorArea M1
AlexandraNobleArea DirectorArea M2
PedroArea DirectorArea M3

Division N

First NameLast NamePositionArea
ArnoutNederpeltDivision DirectorDivision N
FrankCremerArea DirectorArea N1
ElsKajwahula-LucassenArea DirectorArea N2
Florisvan GeelArea DirectorArea N3