You want it for your DCP? Be aware of this!

We are on the last straight line! And if you are a VP Education, your role may pass from important to crucial these weeks, as the end of the term is approaching… faster than you can imagine!

VP Eds, you have a superpower!

As a VP Education, one important part of your role is to submit awards on In this action, there are two stages: one on “Basecamp” and another one on “Club Central”. Both together are mandatory to completely take into account any fulfilment of a Member of your Club’s journey.

If you have not led this action completely – by submitting on both parts of the website, Basecamp and Club Central, the achievement will not be visible or counted.

Watch this carefully…

…as such a mistake would deprive your Member, and also your Club in its quality-achievement tracking for the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). Would you assume to loose all this hard work you made as an Officer, a Club and overall as the Member in question?

Remember a big part of the how-to is available on our website —> click here to find out!

Thus, in case you did not know, please keep in mind that registering on Basecamp is not enough. If it is not on Club Central, it merely does not exist, and you will not see it appear it on the Dashboard tracking.

Not to be fooled, check twice ✅

Regarding that we are talking of a double-process issue, it is important to keep indulgent to oneself. You may not be sure of having double-submitted as mentioned – on Club Central in addition to on Basecamp. If is is the case – and even if it is not – there are two places where the effectiveness of the registration you made can be checked.

We already mentioned the Dashboard. There, after finding your Club, you will be able to check its achievements. Keep in mind that it may take a few days after you made the registration before to clearly appear. So anticipation is your friend!

The other Toastmasters tool to check is the Educational Awards page of our District, here. It is were the awards registered will appear for each Member individually – so Ctrl+F+Member’s name will be another friend here. Same rule here about time needed for this other WHQ IT tool to effectively make everything appear properly.

ALS & DTM with the former Education Program

One important issue this year for you as a VP Education is that you may have Members with personal objectives on the former Toastmasters Education Program.

This term being the last, Members can still fulfill their ALS and hopefully DTM awards. So have an eye on these profiles, as they need you quite much this year. As you may notice, only Advanced Leadership is concerned. For these Members specially, this year is their last opportunity, so do not forget them and inform them, ask them… You are their reference, and they should be able to count on you.

Of course, in a vision of SMART objectives, you and Members would rather consider they are reachable.
Remember you have resources who can help and support in this. The Area Director is your link with us, so use this link with no hesitation, and the person-to-contact in the District Core Team is the Program Quality Director (PQD, Arnout Nederpelt for 2020-2021 –

For further information, check the FAQ on TMI’s website: HERE.

Some Members’ objectives still to be achieved this year?

Your main role is to organize the meetings, and accompany your Club’s Members through their journey, in phase with their personality and objectives. So have an attentive eye on where they are at this very moment of the term.

Time flies, so if you fear not to be able to provide sufficient space in the Club’s meetings left for your Members with priority objectives, do not hesitate to create special events. Speak-a-thons – with the purpose of helping a maximum of Members to present their speeches – are usually much appreciated events. So if you observe that several Members of your Club might find help this way, it is up to you! Knowing this kind of events can be co-chaired with another Club, your Area …why not your Division? So, again, do not hesitate: get in touch with your Toastmasters environment!

Note in a Speak-a-thon, the purpose is to have only speeches. So that oral evaluations and Table topics leave the stage to only prepared speeches. Caution: the written evaluations remain, as a DNA part of the Toastmasters method, indipensable for your Members to get feedbacks.

Rewarding your members efforts is part of Toastmasters’ DNA!

The weeks till the end of the term will run fast. Track and check the actions you have left to finish strong.
It is about your Club’s health not only this year, but for more.

So now you know: after registrating on Basecamp, keep in mind that Club Central is mandatory if you want to get your DCP points.
Besides Speak-a-thons are wonderful events which can bring much value and gather your Members and other Toastmasters for good.

We care

The District does know and does care about all the challenges you had to face this year. We are aware and want you to keep on having the best experience as Toastmasters and be rewarded for all your efforts.

To put it in a nutshell, do your best. And remember your District Officers – Area Directors, Division Directors and Core Team – are here to support. You are never alone. Enjoy these last moments of the term and remember …to have fun!

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