[Webinar] Surviving Council Meetings w/ Parliamantary Procedures

Save The Date! On Sunday, February 28th… 🗓

Are you a District Leader who is going to chair or report at a District Council Meeting? A new Parliamentarian about to support your District Director? A Council member who wants to understand more about how Council meetings work and how you can contribute?

Join Jean Gamester, Marike Dijksterhuis and Pat Johnson on their brand new crash course on surviving within Council meetings!

You might have fun! by discovering why we use Parliamentary Procedure in Toastmasters, who’s responsible for what, and how to work with motions.

Sure you cannot wait to register to such a webinar, overall knowing the quality protagonists who will share their experience, including Marike Dijksterhuis who was once our District Director and also …former Parliamantarian!

Register now! Here is the link to jump in: http://bit.ly/d91webinar28feb – Don’t miss!

About Parliamantary procedures, remember you can also refer to the dedicated page on our website —> here 😉