Rehearsing for the #TM59 symphony

Our district has a Twitter account that has grown tremendously over the last year (Numbers graph). If the principle of communicating on Twitter is more or less similar to Facebook (you share content with your followers), our audience is very different on FB and Twitter:

our FB group is closed (FB members only) and our tweets can attract any interested in leadership and communications (please note that  our recent FB PAGE can be followed by anyone). Twitter  TM clubs or members, which offers us the possibility to really go beyond our TM boundaries and reach to potential new members. However,as any social media strategy, this will not work over night. In this post, I would like to make Twitter easy for you as this is a platform used by many journalists and media specialists as a reference for them to write about. It is thus something you have to gradually integrate yourselves in your PR mix.  Case study : the Retorica Toulouse, the first Spanish speaking club outside of Spain – one is also planned in Helsinki. What happens if you use Twitter to promote their first ope door?

How does Twitter work?

  • Tweet: A 140-character message.
  • Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else’s tweet.
  • Feed: The stream of tweets you see on your homepage. It’s comprised of updates from users you follow.
  • Handle: Your username.
  • Mention (@): A way to reference another user by his username in a tweet (e.g. @mashable). Users are notified when @mentioned. It’s a way to conduct discussions with other users in a public realm.
  • Direct Message (DM): A private, 140-character message between two people. You can decide whether to accept a Direct Message from any Twitter user, or only from users you are following.
    You may only DM a user who follows you.
  • Hashtag (#): A way to denote a topic of conversation or participate in a larger linked discussion (e.g. #AmericanIdol, #Obama). A hashtag is a discovery tool that allows others to find your tweets, based on topics. You can also click on a hashtag to see all the tweets that mention it in real time — even from people you don’t follow.
  •  The meaning of  (twitter glossary in support/FAQ in any language)


A free online Twitter guide for beginners:

About the Toastmasters brand in general: