Program Quality Club Speech Contest Tips

Club contests: Club level is the basic training level. This is where rules are more flexible and you can learn about contests.

Getting ready forDistrict 59 Club contests

Club in Good Standing

A Member Club is considered paid and in good standing when its dues have been received by World Headquarters for the current dues period for a minimum of eight members — at least three of whom were members of the club during the previous renewal period.

Follow this link to the Dashboard and select “Renewal Status” for Ineligible and Renewals not here. The clubs listed and their members cannot compete in any contest. 

Follow this link to the the Distinguished Club Program manual for more details.

Education Eligibility

At club level there is no education requirement for Table Topics or non-English speech contests.

Education requirements apply only to International Speech Contest. Only Area, Division, District and beyond.

Follow this link to the Certification of Eligibility and Originality.  However, “To be eligible to compete in any official Toastmasters speech contest, a member must be a paid member of a club in the Area, Division, and District in which they are competing. The club must also be in good standing.” (This form was updated 07/21 and clarifies non-International and other contests). 

Chief Judge and Judge Eligibility

At club level, you only need to be a paid member in a club in good standing to be a judge. There is no education requirement for Chief Judge and Judges.

Follow this link to Judge’s Certification of Eligibility and Code of Ethics (The last revision for this form was 03/2020 so education rules for ALL and ANY contest is still in force: “…minimum of six speech projects in the Competent Communication manual or earned certificates of completion in Levels 1 and 2 of any path…”).

How many Judges for a Club Contest

Page 7. 1: At club contests, a contest chair, chief judge, at least five (5) voting judges, a tiebreaking judge, two (2) counters, and two (2) timers are appointed, unless impractical.
Page 8:  Each club in good standing is permitted to choose its
contestant for each Area speech contest by whatever means the club desires.

Refer to the Speech Contest Rulebook.