Post-Conference Facts 2/2: Your Next-Term Team

After rewarding and thanking our Champions at the Conference for honoring us with excellent speeches and evaluations in three languages – English, Dutch and French -, now is the time to introduce to our Members and to the world the 2021-2022 elected team.

Note that you will find here the elected roles, as the District Council’s vote decided. Meaning the appointed roles, as they will be nominated by the new team at the first DCM of next term, will officially be presented at that moment. Next District Core team will keep you posted when.

To find, what were the results of all the contests at our 2021 TMxCultures Conference, visit the Post-Conference Facts 1/2 article here.

2021-2022 Core Team elected

District Director: Colleen SHAUGHNESSY-LARSSON

Program Quality Director (PQD): Helena RUIZ-FABRA

Club Growth Director (CGD): Virginia ANDERSON

Public Relations Manager (PRM): Pascal VILAREM

2021-2022 Other elected roles: Division Directors

Division A Director: Omar FARISS

Division B Director: Em AJOGBE

Division C Director: Conny ORABY

Division D Director: John CHALMERS

Division E Director: Ilona RUITENBERG

Division F Director: Jean-Valéry GNAYORO

Division G Director: Szilvia VAN OIJEN

Congratulations to our next year’s leader. Do not hesitate to reward them. Their new Toastmaster District Leadership journey begins on July 1st, 2021. See you then!

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