Message from District Governor (October 2014)

Jaap Russchenberg – Immed.Past District Director

The first three months of this Toastmasters year was full of activities.

The training of the Core Team at the International Convention in Kuala Lumpur, the District Executive Committee Meeting in Rome, finalizing all administrative requirements were activities that kept us busy.

Now we are looking forward visiting the Division Conferences in the coming months, the District Conference in Lyon and the Club Officer Trainings and the Toastmasters Learning Institutes in January.


The club growth is amazing. We already have 9 new clubs! I would like to welcome the following clubs to our family:

  • Toastmasters Two Towers, Italy
  • Fluor Amsterdam Speakers Toastmasters (FAST), The Netherlands
  • NOA Toastmasters, The Netherlands
  • Rhetorik Club Mutschellen, Switzerland
  • FAO Staff Toastmasters Club, Italy
  • Apeldoorn Toastmasters, The Netherlands
  • NAM Toastmasters, The Netherlands
  • Speak As One, Belgium
  • State Street Tales, Luxembourg

It is contest season! Almost all clubs, areas and divisions in District 59 have had or are organizing their contests. The final round of all the English language contests will be held at our District Conference on 23 November in Lyon, France.

The conference organizers in Lyon are doing an amazing job and are creating an unbelievable event for us all. As our special guest, Immediate Past International President George Yen will be with us. He will give a keynote speech and a workshop with the title: “Be Do Have: To Find The Leader In You”.

If you want to be part of this event, register and pay as soon as possible. The number of registrations is limited to 200.

Don’t forget: Together We Make a Difference!

Best regards,
Jaap Russchenberg, District Governor