[Division B] Learn Canva To Build Awesome Social Media Posts!

Have you ever wanted to: Have an easy tool to make beautiful designs? Create designs respecting the Toastmasters brand? Share easily your messages in an efficient and professional-like way?

If you answered YES to at least one of the questions above, the following online good-vibe training is made for you!

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On September 20th, 2020, Division B – Toastmasters from Belgium and Lille, Northern France – invited Paolina Perina to share with the Members her tips and tricks about Canva.

A powerful tool ⤵

Canva might be the most powerful tool in terms of design currently on the web, and it is free! Most designers and social media managers use it.
So handling it can put you in a good competition with profesionnals …who use massively Canva themselves.

Our Speaker Paolina Perina joined Toastmasters in 2018 and has served as VPPR for her Club plus as Sponsor. She was nominated PR assistant for District 59 Division A for 2020-2021.
She is sharing with us lots of value, and it is a pleasure assisting to this generous workshop.

So… don’t miss, watch and learn!

Find below the Powerpoint presentation Paolina shared during this online training:

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You can download this presentation in PDF: here.

A Canva experience

Paolina has also worked with Francesco Fedele, who was historically a member of our District. Then, her implication helped a lot:

“I have used Canva extensively both for my own business promotions, for my Club’s Facebook and Instagram as well as for an HPL project where I was part of the European team. My main contribution to the project has been the development of over 30 targeted visuals posts which I have built through the Canva platform. Here is the link to the visuals.”

Find here her production, and below a few examples:

Paolina Perina has also started a project as Division PR aiming at interviewing over 100 members to “give a face” to Toastmasters in her Division. She shared with us a couple of example of the visual format she developed in Canva:

Well done, and thanks a lot, Division B!

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