District Conference 2021: The Rise Of Toastmasters Accross Cultures!

The D59 Spring Conference will take place from the 5th to the 9th of May this year.
The moment is approaching fast. Only a few weeks to go!

This year the theme is Toastmasters Across Cultures – TMxCultures.
The place? The Virtual Realm!

This opens up the D59 Spring Conference to the world, as everyone, Toastmaster or not, from any
District and Country, who wishes to follow the contest and workshops, has the opportunity to do so
with just the click of a button.

The TMxCultures team have been working tirelessly to bring to you a conference that will make you
think, help develop your skills and be a lot of fun.

There will be Speech and Evaluation contests in three languages – English, French and Dutch.
There will be workshops to motivate you, enlighten you and make you think.
And, of course, we are planning for roaring, booty-shaking, uplifting entertainment!

As the details are being finalized, we can present to you your MCs: Marcel Harmsen and
Sudhanya Mallick.

This star quality duo has lots of brilliant ideas on how to guide you through the event and get you
going in the spaces in between!

On the TMxCultures website HERE, you can find the preliminary Conference Agenda, sign up and regular
news and updates.
Please also follow us on Facebook for weekly updates & fun: @tmxcultures

We are looking forward to seeing you online for an event that is sure to get you connected,
educated and entertained!