Contest Season is coming: Prepare to organize your online conferences!

Dear Toastmasters, Members and Officers, Organizers and Contestants and all of those among you who are interested in how it works in the backstage…

Welcome to the Toastmasters Contest experience!

Here we are again creating the frame where our District 59’s champions – knowing the very first step of participating in your Club already makes you a remarkable Toastmaster! – will begin their path.

So that you can get at ease with the rules and basic technical aspects of such events, here are 2 types of resources you could need. Enjoy!

1. Contest Rules and other material resources

The Rulebook (click on the image) features speech contest rules for the International, Evaluation, Humorous, Table Topics, Tall Tales, and Video Speech Contests.

Toastmasters International also provides kits, as this one made specially for the International Speech contest, gathering enough material for 5 contestants and 10 judges:

And for all the resources available about the Contests, go to the “Resource Library” section of TMI’s website under the key-word research “contests” …just here 😉

2. Online Meeting resources

Are you aware? Toastmasters created a large range of Marketing material, so that you can have fun and still stick to the organization’s brand.

For instance, download online the colored Timer backgrounds you will need.

All the resources you will need for all your online events are: here.

Bonus. Keep Cool in Online Meetings

Need a checklist to prepare yourself and/or team mates? This infographic can help:

So… are you ready?
If not, no worries. It is sure the sign you are willing all this to go well.
Thus, remember Toastmasters is a big family where you will always find support and help. Do not hesitate!
If yes, lucky you! And let’s do this the best way. The way you can. The way Toastmasters do.

Wishing all the best and great success, whatever kind of Contest participant you will be this year. Remember to HAVE FUN!