'A Blast Of Learning, Insights And Inspiration' By Florian Mueck

lyon“It was, of course, another blast! A blast of learning, insights and inspiration – our Toastmasters District 59 (South Western Europe) Fall Conference in Lyon, France from 21-23 November 2014.”

The motto of the three-day conference was “Happy in Lyon” and, yes, happy we were! In the past, I’ve repeated myself so many times that not even the most hardcore ancient master of rhetoric would accept my extent of repetition. But, what can I do…

To experience how 200 people come together in one fantastic location, all of them hungry for improving themselves and helping others to improve – this is truly amazing. Every time I attend one of these District conferences I feel so much bond, so much friendship, so much mutual understanding that it’s hard to touch down on Monday morning reality…

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