Annual Awards 2021-2022

Annually, the District recognises Toastmasters members who have contributed through dedication and exceptional service. The deadline for your submissions was May 1, 2022. Thank you for sending in your nominations to The results are below!

District Toastmaster of the Year: This is typically awarded to a Toastmaster who is not a top District Officer, Division Director or Area Director, but who makes a significant contribution to the goals and mission of the District.

 Area Director of the Year: dedication, commitment, and area team significantly contributed towards achieving the district mission. Division Director of the Year: most outstanding performance in membership building and retention, club extension, education/training, leadership and other areas critical to district success. District Officer of the Year: you decide! Winners will be announced in Montpellier at the Hall of Fame May 21, 2022

Area Directors have already chosen their Outstanding Clubs, Club Officers or Members for recognition.