Club Life

Quality Meetings

To maintain meetings of high quality you might consider the following:

  • Send out the agenda at least 5 days in advance, so everybody is prepared;
  • Board members and mentors should contact new members/mentees and provide helpful assistence;
  • Create a positive atmosphere by having some time before the meeting;
  • Train spontaneity by filling vacant roles with the members present;
  • Everybody should know what role they have – so re-check and inform;
  • Keep to the times given for each role – train to come to the point;
  • Give valuable feedbacks – be positive, precise and concise;
  • Know what you are talking about: have some experience yourself before you comment others;
  • Remember the toast – it helps the voice to have a little drink in between;
  • Have some time after the meeting for in deepth feedbacks or fine tuning of processes.


     Why Mentoring?

    • Through mentoring, the new Toastmaster, or mentee, is introduced to the club and organization
    • The mentee receives support in preparing speeches as well as special presentation projects
    • The mentor grows by learning how to pass on knowledge and provide personal feedback
    • The mentor encourages the mentee to not only work on the areas in need of improvement but also to develop his given talents
    • Bottom line: learning from one another produces quality Toastmasters.

     Our Mission

We want to increase the awareness of mentoring by creating a district-wide platform for mentors and mentees alike. Our goal is to effectively pass on knowledge. The first step is to create a forum of exchange over a Web site.

      Join in!

We are looking for active Toastmasters willing to share success stories, club presentations, snapshots and contact information on active mentors and mentees as well as pass on their knowledge and lessons learned, …

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