District Elections 2020-2021

District Elections 2020/2021

DISTRICT LEADERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT for the District Officers team 2020-2021 :

The District Leadership Committee, under the guidance of Em Ajogbe as DLC Chair, has interviewed all nominated candidates for the District Leadership positions that will have to be filled during the year 2020-2021 in District 59. After the interviews, and deliberations, they put forward the following people as nominated candidates.

Elections for District 59 Officers are held during the DCM. The Officers are elected for the term starting July 1 of that year until June 30 of the following year.

The following positions are elected positions:

District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, and Division Directors.

The positions of Finance Manager, Admin Manager, and Area Directors are appointed by the incoming District Director of 2020-2021.

UPDATE : The candidates to elected position have been offered to publish a photo and a statement to help the voters of the DISTRICT COUNCIL to make their decision. These photos and statements are published on this page : District Officers 2020-2021 elections : Candidates corner.

* Where more than one candidate have been nominated, the candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname (family name).


  • District Director – Robert van der Meer
  • Program Quality Director – Arnout Nederpelt
  • Club Growth Director * – Virginia Anderson / Helena Ruiz Fabra
  • Public Relations Manager – Sabrina Kecheroud
  • Finance Manager – Marta Rybczynska
  • Admin Manager – Aly van Zalk


  • Division Director – Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson
  • A1 – Aude Herrenschmidt
  • A2 – Claire Le Grand
  • A3 – Premel Patter
  • A4 – Audrey Rozowykwiat
  • A5 – Richard von Lothringen
  • A6 – Laurent Quenoy


  • Division Director – Valentina Caimi
  • B1 – Allisha Ali
  • B2 – Mona Elleathey
  • B3 – Virginia Mercouri
  • B4 – Gaultiero Boeraeve


  • Division Director – Andy Baker
  • C1 – Ewa Bronowicz
  • C2 – Olga Diacova
  • C3 – Sarah Maclean-Morris


  • Division Director – Sophie Crushovalieva
  • D1 – Roberto Lombardini
  • D2 – Francis Becker
  • D3 – Sorina Vaju


  • Division Director – Shashidar Lakshmana
  • E1 – Saeed Samet
  • E2 – Tom Taekema
  • E3 – Marin Jonker
  • E4 – Ilona Ruitenberg


  • Division Director – Carol Bausor
  • F1 – Bastien Ory
  • F2 – Marie Deblonde-Vallet
  • F3 – Jean Valery Gnayoro
  • F4 – Vacant


  • Division Director – Arthur Bennink
  • G1 – Vacant
  • G2 – Vacant
  • G3 – Paul Appeldoorn
  • G4 – Alexander van Tuyll

Em Ajogbe, for the District Leadersip Committee.

WARNING : Proxies are only accepted for in person meetings : For next DCM (2nd of May 2020) there is no proxies.

[title size=”3″ content_align=”left” style_type=”none” sep_color=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”0″ class=”” id=””]DCM Proxy[/title]

A message for all Club Presidents and VPs Education of District 59,

If you are not able to attend the District Council meeting, you are requested to assign a proxy. Any member of your club in attendance can be your proxy. The full proxy guidelines can be found at http://bit.ly/Proxy_guidelines.

To assign a proxy please complete this form (http://bit.ly/Proxy_assign) no later than 4 May.

Questions can be directed to admin@district59.org.

Have your club’s voice heard, assign your a proxy!