District Director’s Messages 2021-2022

One Toastmaster year is ending June 30 and another will begin July 1. Have you accomplished what you planned for the year? Have you learned from your challenges this year?
However you answer, our District 59 family is here to support you into the new year!
“Dream, Dare Do!” will get you through anything! I send a Big Thank You! to our Area, Division and District Leaders for their support and commitment to District 59 this year! District 59 was successful this year! The District Core Team has laid a solid foundation for the next team.

Our achievements include an updated website, a tribute pageD59 offered incentivesDistrict Council (password: leaders2022!) and District Executive Committee (DEC) minutes were kept up to date, our Finances were easily understood and transparent.
Our motto is Dream, Dare, Do !
We Dreamed of live events and meeting together often.
We Dared to be flexible thinking the pandemic as we switched back to Zoom and dealt with membership fluctuation.
We Did it with a live event for Sea, Sand & Toastmasters. This was the first live District 59 Spring event in 2 1/2 years in Montpellier, France.

You Did it with your clubs and members meeting online, hybrid and some live.
You Did it and made this a successful year laying the groundwork for next year.
I Dreamed of a stable, calm and kind year. The dream came true.

It has been an honour and a pleasure to serve you as District 59 Director 2021-2022.
My next role is Immediate Past District Director, voting member of the District Council Members (DCM) and District Executive Committee (DEC) and District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chair.
I look forward to serving you in 2022-2023 and I am very happy that we will all meet again soon!

Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, DTM

Thank you Club Presidents and Club Officers!

It’s time to celebrate and thank District 59 Club Presidents and their ExCom in Toastmasters after the risk of Covid. Club Presidents and their ExCom are the SuperGlue that bonds us together. Register for the District 59 Spring Event 2022 in Montpellier, France May 20-22 conference.district59.org Thank you, Michael van den Berg, Area A5 Director, for the Dutch translation. Thank you, Katherine Parvis, Agora 75 Club President, for the French translation.

Hello Dear District 59 Members!

Welcome to a new Toastmasters year! I am Colleen Shaughnessy-Larsson, DTM and would like you to meet our Core Team 2021-2022! Our District tagline this year is DREAM, DARE, DO !

Considering where we are today in this Toastmasters year 2021-2022, we are more resilient than ever! We dream to face the new challenges, dare to be creative with new ideas, and do it! This year has begun with experiences we never could have dreamed of: Zoom meetings as the status quo, gradual reopening of physical meetings, hybrid meetings, new ways to attract members, challenges of member loss, delicate balance of crossing borders, continuing to have FUN and social meetings, etc.

I am appreciative that the District Leaders, Club Presidents and Vice Presidents Education have chosen me to be your leader for this year. I am excited and curious as to what awaits. But with you by my side, it is going to be a great and FUN year!

My club is Toastmasters 75 in Paris, France, and I have been a Toastmaster since 2010, earned my Distinguished Toastmaster award in 2015. My club roles have included all except Treasurer; my district roles include Program Quality Director, Division and Area Director. For community relations, starting the first Youth Leadership Program in Paris in 2016, which continues today is my pride.