Pathways news

  • Toastmasters International is working on renovating Base Camp to improve user experience by taking design and development in-house.
  • Soon members will be able to access all projects on all levels of their path.
  • The 11th path, Engaging Humor is available! More about this path here.
  • “Know your sense of humor” is a new elective project on Level 3. This project focuses on understanding what makes you laugh and how to share that with an audience.
  • Mark Snow’s webinar on Pathways is available here.
  • Would you like to help members with finding their way in Pathways? We are looking for a new Pathways Coordinator, who will work with coordinators from other divisions to organise trainings and disseminate news about the new learning program, from July 1st 2019. Some suggestions of Pathways projects you can credit for this ledership role: HPL, Lead in any situation, Leading in your volunteer organisation. Contact Zsuzsanna Corridori if you are interested.


Resources for new members

The Navigator – Your guide to Toastmasters and the Pathways learning experience. Use it to learn about how a club works, key club officers and roles, the importance of evaluations and opportunities you have to grow your communication and leadership skills.

Pathways Companion Guide – This comprehensive guide includes a project matrix, summary of the project purpose and an overview of the completion requirements. The document, put together by Mark Snow, is very useful for deciding which path you want to follow.

Access your Path – Video tutorial on how to navigate in Base Camp to access the path you have chosen. See how to access your projects and follow your progress through the path.

Complete a project – After you have given your speech and completed a project, this video show you how to check off a project and move to the next one.

Tutorial and resources – How to access the evaluation form of any project, even the ones that are not part of your path. This can come handy when you want to prepare for an evaluation of a project you are not familiar with.


Resources for advanced members

Achievements and awards – In Pathways, you are recognized for every achievement and milestone you and your club reach. Whether you choose to explore one path or several, every step you take will be supported and celebrated along the way. Read about badges, certificates and awards.

The Distinguisehd Toastmaster achievement in Pathways – The DTM award represents the highest level of educational achievement in Toastmasters. Find out what the requirements are in Pathways.

Pathways Mentoring Program – There are four elements of The Toastmasters Mentoring Program in Pathways. In Level 2 all members complete the “Introduction to Pathways Mentoring” project. After completing Level 2, all members receive an optional curriculum “Pathways Mentor Program” which contains three sections: Prepare to Mentor, Mentoring and Advanced Mentoring.

Resources for officers

Base Camp Manager duties – In each club, the vice president education (VPE) will serve as the Base Camp manager, with support from the club president and secretary. The VPE is responsible for conducting several tasks in Base
Camp to ensure members are fully supported on their Pathways journey. This document will walk
you through each of the main tasks.

DCP (Distinguished Club Program) – The Distinguished Club Program is an annual program, running from July 1 through June 30. The program consists of 10 goals for your club to obtain and it has been updated to include educations goals of Pathways.

Level completion email notification – When a members completes a level, a Base Camp Managers needs to approve it, after which a member can proceed to the next level. An email notification is sent about level completion, to the email address of the club, not to the personal email address of the Base Camp Managers.

Presentations on Pathways

A lot of Pathways presentation are organised and collected on this Google Drive.


Thanks to Zsuzsanna Corridori for collecting all resources and Jaap Russchenberg for organising all Pathways presentation!