English Evaluation Contest

First Place Madeleine Op’t Hof, Toastmasters of Basel, Switzerland
Second Place Ciara Delaney, Brussels Toastmasters, Belgium
Third Place Franz Lauterbach, Cologne Toastmasters, Germany

English International Speech Contest

First Place Bill Monsour, Amsterdam Toastmasters, The Netherlands
Second Place Ivan Aksenov, Darmstadt Toastmasters, Germany
Third Place Laurent Horvath, Lausanne Toastmasters, Switzerland

French Evaluation Contest

First Place Greg Palmer, Heidelberg Toastmasters, Germany
Second Place Philippe Wuppermann, Eiffelturm Toastmasters, France
Third Place Maria de Macedo, Bossuet Gaveliers, Luxembourg

French Speech Contest

First Place Alain Pétillot, Agora 75, France
Second Place Françoise Weber, Orateurs du Jeudi, Luxembourg
Third Place Françoise Le Reste, Eloquence 45, France

German Evaluation Contest

First Place Wiltrud Sann, Cologne Toastmasters, Germany
Second Place Christine Bucher, Stuttgart Int’l Toastmasters, Germany
Third Place Schiffra Wittkopp, Meisterredner, Germany

German Speech Contest

First Place Ingo Cremer, Hannover Speakers, Germany
Second Place Klaus-Volker Roth, Rheinredner, Germany
Third Place Constance Heuberger, Münchener Brainstormers, Germany