District 59 Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Form Guidelines

In your expense claims submissions using the online form, please remember the guiding principle of one receipt per line item. If your claim involves any calculations, please include a cover sheet clearly explaining and showing these calculations. To facilitate inspection, please circle the items on the receipt that are included in your expense claim. The clearer and immediately obvious your documentation, the quicker the authorization and audit work will proceed … and the quicker you will be reimbursed.

Regarding expenses from a single Toastmaster event, you may bundle like natured receipts into a single line item submission. For example, you might bundle multiple receipts for refreshments, but please do not bundle items that are obviously different accounting categories. To facilitate an audit of bundled expenses, please include a summary page itemizing the receipts, their amounts and dates, as well as showing your accounting calculations and explaining the purpose.

Regarding expenses involving foreign exchange (FX) i.e. currencies other than the Euro, please submit your expense claim in the currency of the receipt. Do not make calculations in Euro unless you can provide some documentation of the FX you experienced, for example by including a credit card statement. In such cases, please submit your calculations in a cover page or spreadsheet, together with the document that pegs the FX rate you experienced. To avoid reverse FX charges in your reimbursement, please provide a Euro denominated IBAN in the beneficiary information.

Be aware of the following official Toastmaster policies:

  • Regarding receipts, all expenses must be documented by an invoice or receipt; cf. Protocol 8.4.4.H (page 53).
  • Regarding mileage reimbursements, we require documentation consisting of the travel dates, distance (eg. via a Google maps) and travel purpose, cf. Protocol 8.4.4.H (page 53). For club visits, we need club name and number, date of visit in addition to the mileage requirements.
  • Regarding expenses greater than $500 USD (approximately 370 Euro), pre-authorization in writing by the district governor is required; cf. Protocol 8.4.4.G (page 53). It is your responsibility to coordinate this authorization prior to realization of the expenditure.

Finally a few practical tips:

  • For a free online tool to merge multiple documents into a single PDF (for upload using the form) see the website: SmallPDF.com/merge-pdf.
  • For a free smart-phone application to take photos of a receipt and automatically crop the image and convert it to a PDF file, see: CamScanner.com.

Toastmasters International Combined Policy and Protocols, Section 8.4.4

Reimbursement Form

Use this form to submit your expense claims District 59 Reimbursement Form (will open a new page).
If previously you had submitted expense claims using the old voucher system, please resubmit your claims using the new form. If you do not know your user credentials to access the form, kindly contact the District Finance Manager for instructions. Don’t forget to read the above before submitting your expense claims.