District 59 Reimbursement Form

Reimbursement Form Guidelines

D59 Officers can request reimbursement of expenses using the appropriate form for their Division:

Divisions A, B, C, F and N please use         New D59 Reimbursements

Divisions D, H, K, L and M please use       New D107 Reimbursements

Division E, G, I and J please use                  New D109 Reimbursements

Use the correct form or your expenses will not get processed.

If you are not an Officer please contact your Area or Division Director.

To speed up processing

  • Submit expenses as soon as possible and always within 60 day (special year end cut-off may apply).
  • Attach a copy of pre-approval emails where required.
  • Attach PDFs of any other necessary documentation mentioned in the present text (e.g. Club Visit Report, Meeting Agenda for Demo-meetings, Club Coach Visits, Special Educational Event, etc).
  • If your claim involves calculations or bundling, please include a cover sheet with clear explanations.
  • Please circle the items on the receipt that are included in your expense claim and make sure they are readable (e.g. avoid submitting receipts upside down).
  • Insert 1 receipt per line item unless items are of the same nature for the same event when they should be bundled, for example bundle receipts for refreshments for a COT.
  • For currencies other than the Euro, please submit your expense claim in the currency of the receipt. Do not make calculations in Euros unless you can provide some documentation of the FX, e.g. by including a credit card statement. In such cases, please submit your calculations in a cover sheet or spreadsheet, together with the document that pegs the FX rate you experienced. To avoid FX charges in your reimbursement, please provide a Euro denominated IBAN in the beneficiary information.

Be aware of the following official Toastmaster policies as set out in the Protocol 8.4: District Fiscal Management


Regarding receipts, all expenses must be documented by an invoice or receipt; Protocol 8.4.4.F.

Regarding mileage reimbursements, we require documentation consisting of the travel dates, distance (eg. via a Google map) and travel purpose; Protocol 8.4.4.I. For club visits, we need club name and number, date of visit in addition to the mileage requirements and Club Visit Report.

Regarding expenses greater than $500 USD (for this year we consider this to be greater than €400), pre-approval in writing by the District Director is required; Protocol 8.4.4.H. It is your responsibility to coordinate this approval prior to realization of the expenditure.

Reimbursement requests must be made within 60 days of incurring the expense and by July 31 for expenses incurred in June; Protocol 8.4.4.J. Reimbursement by a district must be made within 60 days after receipt of an authorized reimbursement request. If reimbursement requests are not properly prepared, incomplete or late then payment within 60 days may not be possible.


Finally, a few practical tips:

For a free online tool to merge multiple documents into a single PDF (for upload using the form) see the website: SmallPDF.com/merge-pdf.

For a free smart-phone application to take photos of a receipt and automatically crop the image and convert it to a PDF file, see: Camscanner.com.