Call for Nominations for District 59 – Term 2015-16

Nominating Committee Chair: Joao de Mendonca DTM, IPDG

Letter from Nomination Chair:

“Dear Fellow Toastmasters,
It’s my pleasure to call for nominations for Toastmasters to serve as officers in the  District 59 for the year July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016.
Our District need great leaders to put in place our mission: “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence” and to address our diversity (linguistic, cultural, economic and ethic) since we have 10 countries included as our members and many people who lives in these countries may be from another part of the World. Every time, is expected from our leaders to follow the TMI core values: Integrity, Respect, Service and Excellence.
In preparing to nominate candidates to serve our districts, I would encourage you to consider the qualities we need:

    • Commitment or willing to dedicate themselves and their time
    • Good knowledge about the Toastmasters’ programs
    • Creates, motivates and works with a team with a common purpose/goals
    • Communicates effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
    • Recognises success and mentors others
    • Be an inspiring role model for others

Help us identify and nominate our best people to take us forward into our future by nominate members to the following two categories:

    • Nominations are invited for the following positions to be elected:
      • District Director……………(Ex-Governor)
      • Program Quality Director…(Ex-Lt. Gov. Education and Training)
      • Club Growth Director…….(Ex-Lt. Gov. Marketing)
      • Public Relations Manager…(Ex-PR Officer)
      • Division Directors…………(Ex-Division Governors)
    • Nominations are invited for the following positions to be appointed:
      • District Administration Manager..(Ex-Secretary)
      • District Finance Manager………(Ex-Treasurer)
      • Area Directors………………….(Ex-Area Governors)

The timeframe for this process is:

  • 01 Dec 2014 to 31 Jan 2015: Acceptance of Volunteers candidacies
  • 17 Jan to 27 Feb 2015: Interviewing Candidates
  • 21 Fev to 20 March 2015: (Re)interviews and Fianl decisions
  • 28 March: Report to District Governor

Kind regards,
João de Mendonça, DTM, IPDG”



Forms & Additional Information for the Nomination Process

Information that each candidate should be aware of.

  Qualifications and Responsibilities
District Leader qualifications and responsibilities explained.
  Candidate Application
Use this checklist to determine if candidates for district office meet the required qualifications.
  District Leader Nominating Form
Use this form to nominate yourself or someone else for a District Leader position. This form should be filled and send to Nominating Committee Chair.
  Acceptance Form
Candidates have to fill and signed this form as a prove of acceptance to be nominated to the role. This form should be filled and send to Nominating Committee Chair.

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