February 2018

District Reformation: Election process for Reforming Districts

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With the last conference before reformation approaching, many questions get asked about the proper way to conduct business for the conference, the elections, and after the reformation. Remember that communication will be key. Anything that [...]

7 confessions of a contest chair

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At toastmasters we get tips, have mentors, and get coaching to become better and more experienced speakers. That is exactly why there are contests, right? But what if you want to be an excellent contest [...]

November 2017

Thank you, Milan

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For an extrovert, Gemini, psychologist, “transmontana”, Toastmaster woman is unusual to be speechless. Well … (read the entire text here) A very much appreciated District Director Ana Isabel

Interview with Peter Kenton, DTM

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On 11th November 2017, Ginny Slocum, ACB, CL and Laurent Quenoy, CC interview Peter Kenton, DTM, a Toastmaster for over 25 years.   You can see the full interview here. And the photos of the interview [...]

August 2017

2016-2017 Recognition Awards

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You know our District reached the President's Distinguished status last year, right? But did you know that District 59 also received the Excellence in Leadership Award, as well as the Excellence in Program Quality and [...]

April 2017

Elena Sollewijn Gelpke, DTM – RIP

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Elena Sollewijn Gelpke, DTM was born and bred in the Netherlands, she worked for the US Air Force in Spain before immigrating to the USA. Sharing an apartment in Manhattan, she quickly settled in as a [...]