District Elections 2018/2019

Val Fraser, ACB, ALB , Immediate Past Area Director F1
2018/2019 Chair, District Leadership Committee

Val Fraser - ACB, ALB
Chair Valerie Fraser (Wynbelt)
A Alice Baley
B Julia Xichen
C Erik Garritsen
D  Sandra Oliveira
E Mila Myrsep
F Jean-Marie Fayette
G  Barbara Olivieri (Italy)
G Christakis Partassides (Greece/Cyprus)
H Laura Bueno
I Nicola von Lutterotti
J Helene Kristrom
K Gerry Hatherall
L Norberto Amaral
M Jorge Ruas
N Celeste Brown
Austria Martin Schmidt
Bulgaria Kalina Lazarova

Chair Valerie Fraser (Wynbelt)

The district leadership committee consists of the chair and one Toastmaster in good standing from each of the Divisions. Nomination forms are reviewed and potential candidates are interviewed. The deadline for receipt of Nomination forms is January 1, 2018 for all nominations except for those for Area Directors and January 15, 2018 for Area Director nominations. After interviewing candidates, the District Leadership Committee Report is presented.

Elections for District 59 Officers will be held at the Spring Conference in Athens. The officers are elected for the term starting July 1 of that year until June 30 of the following year.


District Officer Role Descriptions

Would you like to know more about the District Officer Roles? Take a look at the videos linked here, or speak to your District Leadership Committee representative.

Would you like to know more about the District Officer Roles? Take a look at the videos linked here:

Area Director: https://youtu.be/KI22XouEovI

Division Director: https://youtu.be/KPZXQeAfnZY

The District Leadership Committee Report for the District Officers team 2017-2018 has been released.

The CANDIDATES for the elected & appointed roles in the Core Team for 2017/2018 are:

PositionElected or AppointedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
District DirectorElectedAna Isabel Lage Ferreira1617868Invicta Toastmasters Club
Program Quality Director (future D107)ElectedNelson Emilio1596536Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Program Quality Director (future D59)ElectedChantale Evertsz1157517Tír na nOg
Program Quality Director (future D109)ElectedUlrike Laubner2320741Rhetorik Club Winterthur
Club Growth Director (future D107)ElectedNacho Arenas1386929Madrid Toastmasters Club
Club Growth Director (future D59)ElectedSiegfried Haack1510622Toastmasters Côte D'Azur
Club Growth Director (future D109)ElectedFrancesco Fedele
1942659Toastmasters Roma
Public Relations Manager
ElectedBarbara Piedade3504852Almada Communication Leaders
Finance ManagerAppointedRay Noble1473410Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Administration ManagerAppointedMaria Clara Noble1473401Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club

The CANDIDATES for the elected  roles of Division Directors for 2017/2018 are:

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
Division A DirectorElectedNathalie Damas1408882Expressions Toastmasters Club
Division B DirectorElectedEm Ajogbe
3178747Brussels Toastmasters Club
Division B DirectorElectedLucien Bollen3028413Atomium Toastmasters Club
Division C DirectorElectedRobert van der Meer2198945Apeldoorn Toastmasters
Division D DirectorElectedLuis Prazeres
3278964Lisbon Toastmasters Club
Division E DirectorElectedBigi Vitolic Koblet2335959Turicum Toastmasters
Division F DirectorElectedPascal Vilarem4384947Toastmasters Aix en Provence – Le cours des mots
Division G DirectorElectedMetaxia Kritsidima
2476597Glyfada Toastmasters Club
Division H DirectorElectedCristina Juesas
3809892Vitoria-Gasteiz Toastmasters
Division I DirectorElectedThomas Schneider1595258Toastmasters of Basel
Division J DirectorElectedAires Marques3527113Impact Toastmasters Geneva
Division K DirectorElectedEmilia Fossati2216270Prestigious Speakers Club Barcelona
Division L DirectorElectedLuís Marrana1493729Invicta Toastmasters Club
Division L DirectorElectedAlexandra Nunes2391285Leiria Toastmasters Club
Division M DirectorElectedFlávio Oliveira4217987Torres Toastmasters Club
Division N DirectorElectedArnout Nederpelt1450170Toastmasters Eindhoven

The CANDIDATES for the appointed role of Area Directors for 2017/2018 are:

A1Mark Finneran
A2Aude Herrenschmidt
A3Christine Coat-Morel
A4Alain Meric
A5Igor Versteeg
B1Valbona Zefi
B2Mortadha Jouini
B3Anke Seidler
B4Pieter Jan Remaut
B5Sophie Crushovalieva
B6Fabien Ball
B7Jean-Philippe Stijns
C1Hille Bruns
C2Jasper de Jong
C3Cora Hollander
C4Tamar Strietman
C5Frank Volman
D1Carla Sofia Farinha
D2Antonio Mendes
D3Sofia Vieira
E1Andreas Geiger
E2Panos Korelis
E3Werner Iser
E4Stacey Wallaberger
F1Alexandra Nechifor
F2David Philippon
F3Bilal Ahmad Khan
G1Gianni Curci
G2Nicola Zavarise
G3Patricia Mansencal
G4Lorenzo Gios
G5Maria Navrouzoglou
G6Tarek Desir
H1Alicia Mancheño
H2Pablo Garcia Estevez
H3Laura Bueno
H4Victor López
H5Mónica Bóbeda Allende
I1Miao Gerhard
I2Klemens Hoegenauer
I3Manu Alexander
J1France Aubin
J2Luca Bertagnolio
J3Thierry Morel
K1Peter Matejka
K2Sandra Almeida Duarte
K3Stella Mally
K4Sheila MacMillan
L1Sofia Andrade
L2Vera Cunha
L3Ana Rita Nogueira
L4Sílvia Vilas
M1Joaquim Pinto
M2Alexandra Noble
M3Pedro Sá
N1Frank Cremer
N2Els Kajwahula-Lucassen
N3Floris van Geel

Elected District Positions

The following are the elected district positions

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Division Director for each Division in the District

If you wish to serve in one of the above positions in the coming year, please send the Candidate form, Nomination form, and Officer Agreement and Release form to the Nominating Committee Chair, Marike Dijksterhuis, ipdd@district59.org.

Appointed District Positions

The Appointed positions for the District are:

  • Administration Manager
  • Finance Manager
  • Area Directors (one per each area in the District)

If you wish to serve in one of the above positions in the coming year, please send the Candidate form, Nomination form, and Officer Agreement and Release form to the District Leadership Committee Chair, Marike Dijksterhuis, ipdd@district59.org.

Voting for Elected District Officers

The voting members of the District Council are the club Presidents, Vice Presidents Education and the members of the District Executive Committee: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Public Relations Manager, Administration Manager, Finance Manager, the Immediate Past District Director, Division Directors and Area Directors.

If the club President and/or Vice President Education are not able to attend the District 59 Council Meeting, they can delegate their responsibility to another member in their club who is in good standing. The proxy holder must present the proxy form to the credentials desk to get the ballot(s). A quorum is essential to successfully conduct the business meeting. Visit Election Voting process for more details.

Please note there is no charge to attend the business meeting. Even if not attending the District Conference, any District 59 Toastmaster is able to attend the District Council meeting free of charge.

Election Forms

Remember that the forms have to be sent to the District Leadership Committee Chair, Marike Dijksterhuis, ipdd@district59.org.

Elected Club Officer Roles

All Toastmasters clubs are required to hold elections for the following Club Officers. All roles are described in the Club Leadership handbook starting on page 22.

  • President
  • Vice President Education
  • Vice President Membership
  • Vice President Public Relations
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Sergeant at Arms

Immediate Past President is not an elected position, but an important part of the executive team.


Club Election Timeline

  • Early March the President appoints a Nominations Chair, often the Immediate Past President, who then selects the Nominations Committee – approximately 3 active members in good standing.
  • Early April – open up nominations for club officers
  • First week of May – hold club election and submit club officer list by May 15th
  • Late May until August 31 – attend both Phase 1 Toastmasters Learning Institute and Division Club Officer Training if possible
  • June 30 – last day to submit club officer list to Toastmasters International to maintain access and conduct the club’s business


Newly Elected Club Officer List

All 7 club officer positions are to be elected. At least three positions must be submitted to Toastmasters International: President, any one Vice President and the Secretary, but the best is to report all positions.

International elections are held at the Toastmasters International Convention in August annually. Each club receives two proxies – one for the president and one for the secretary.

International Annual Business Meeting – August, 2017, Vancouver

Early July 2016, all clubs will receive an email from Toastmasters International containing proxy information. For proxies to be assigned, the club President or Secretary must log on to the Toastmasters International website (club central) to specify how the club will cast its votes. Clubs have three options:

  • Send a delegate to the Annual Business Meeting
  • Designate its 2017-2018 district director or next senior officer in attendance as its proxyholder
  • Designate an active Toastmaster from another club as its proxyholder

Click here for more information and FAQ on Toastmasters International