District Elections 2018/2019

Val Fraser, ACB, ALB , Immediate Past Area Director F1
2018/2019 Chair, District Leadership Committee

Val Fraser - ACB, ALB
Chair Valerie Fraser (Wynbelt)
A Alice Baley
B Julia Xichen
C Erik Garritsen
D  Sandra Oliveira
E Mila Myrsep
F Jean-Marie Fayette
G  Barbara Olivieri (Italy)
G Christakis Partassides (Greece/Cyprus)
H Laura Bueno
I Nicola von Lutterotti
J Helene Kristrom
K Gerry Hatherall
L Norberto Amaral
M Jorge Ruas
N Celeste Brown
Austria Martin Schmidt
Bulgaria Kalina Lazarova

Chair Valerie Fraser (Wynbelt)

The district leadership committee consists of the chair and one Toastmaster in good standing from each of the Divisions. Nomination forms are reviewed and potential candidates are interviewed. The deadline for receipt of Nomination forms is January 1, 2018 for all nominations except for those for Area Directors and January 15, 2018 for Area Director nominations. After interviewing candidates, the District Leadership Committee Report is presented.

Elections for District 59 Officers will be held at the Spring Conference in Athens. The officers are elected for the term starting July 1 of that year until June 30 of the following year.


District Officer Role Descriptions

Would you like to know more about the District Officer Roles? Take a look at the videos linked here, or speak to your District Leadership Committee representative.

Would you like to know more about the District Officer Roles? Take a look at the videos linked here:

Area Director: https://youtu.be/KI22XouEovI

Division Director: https://youtu.be/KPZXQeAfnZY

The District Leadership Committee Report for the District Officers team 2017-2018 has been released.

The CANDIDATES for the elected & appointed roles in the Core Team for 2018/2019 are:

New District 59

PositionElected or AppointedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
District Director D59ElectedSiegfried Haack1510622Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis
Program Quality Director D59 (candidate 1)ElectedColleen Shaugnessy-Larsson1459048Toastmasters 75
Program Quality Director D59 (candidate 2)ElectedPrince Motiani822193Green Heart Club, Luxembourg
Club Growth Director D59ElectedRobert van der Meer2198945Toastmasters Zwolle
Public Relations Manager D59ElectedHelena Ruiz Fabre2341248Brussels Toastmasters & Armada
Finance Manager D59AppointedFrank Cremer1151704Toastmaster of the Hague
Administration Manager D59AppointedManie Conradie1486802TM Fonske Leuven

New District 107

PositionElected or AppointedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
District Director D107ElectedNelson Emilio1596536Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Program Quality Director D107ElectedNacho Arenas1386929Toastmasters Madrid
Club Growth Director D107 (candidate 1)ElectedCristina Juesas38096330Vitoria-Gasteiz Toastmasters
Club Growth Director D107 (candidate 2)ElectedLuis Prazeres3278964Lisbon Toastmasters
Public Relations Manager D107 (candidate 1)ElectedSergio Aguia5740183Invicta TM Club
Public Relations Manager D107 (candidate 2)ElectedSara Magalhaes1145713International Speakers TM
Finance Manager D107AppointedRay Noble1473410Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Administration Manager D107AppointedRaquel Garcia2949715TM Madrid, Madrid Adv.

New District 109

PositionElected or AppointedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
District DirectorElectedFrancesco Fedele1942659Toastmasters Roma
Program Quality DirectorElectedMetaxia Krisidima2476597Glyfada TM Club
Club Growth DirectorElectedNina Carrasco1006282Basel InternaEonal Speakers
Public Relations ManagerElectedMarkus Rieder1683928Toastmasters Rhetorikclub Innsbruck
Finance ManagerAppointedDimitrios Diamantopoulos1794655Kifissia TM Club
Administration ManagerAppointedLiliana Shaftacola368817Nicosia Crusaders

The CANDIDATES for the elected  roles of Division Directors for 2018/2019 are:

New District 59

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
AElectedAlain Méric1513982The Europeans
BElectedValbona Zefi962411Berlaymont Toastmasters
CElectedErik Hesselink3546357Amersfoort Toastmasters
DElectedJean-Philipe Stijns2187867EIB Toastmasters
E(N)ElectedMuktha Muralee3781922Hague Uni Toastmasters
FElectedPascal Vilarem4384947Toastmasters Aix en Provence

New District 107

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
A (H)ElectedVictor Lopez3436742Toastmasters Bilbao
B (K)ElectedSandra Almeida Duarte3009312Barcelona Toastmasters
C (L) (candidate 1)ElectedVera Cunha3916292Coimbra Toastmasters
C (L) (candidate 2)ElectedLuis Marrana1493729Oporto TM club
DElectedCarla Sofia Farinha3159504Lisbon MBA Toastmasters
E (M)ElectedAlexandra Noble2354956Young Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club

New District 109

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
A (G Italy)ElectedLorenzo Gios3883386Toastmasters Monza
B (G GCBfyrM) (candidate 1)ElectedAndreas Hadjisofocieous3579308Crusaders Club
B (G GCBfyrM) (candidate 2)ElectedMarianthi Achliopta2333127Hellenic Toastmasters
C (I)ElectedMuriel Dohrendorf3541014Rhetorik Klub Bern
D (J)ElectedLuca Bertagnolio1593779EPFL/UNIL Toastmasters
EElectedAndreas Geiger1397297UBS Rhetoric Club
F (Austria)ElectedDavid Corcoran4686335Vienna Toastmasters Club 551

The CANDIDATES for the appointed role of Area Directors for 2017/2018 are:

New District 59

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
A1AppointedPatrice Udekwe1322269TM Forum des Rives de Seine
A2AppointedCamille Colné4320767La Défense TM
A3AppointedMarion Chevalier1555754The Europeans TM
A4AppointedNicholas Harding2964646Toastmasters of Paris
A5AppointedVaibhav Singh2164249Busy Professionals
B1AppointedLaetitia Mampaka5289190Shape Toastmasters Club
B2AppointedSarah Herasme5053505Armada Toastmaster
B3AppointedAngelika Hild2841792Black Forest TM of Brussels
B4AppointedKarl Indigne1994873Toastmasters Gent
C1AppointedJuan Perafan5645652Fusion TM Amsterdam
C2AppointedEsther Bartel4221558Toastmasters Groningen
C3AppointedFrançois la Riviere5308238U-Speak
C4AppointedGerben Broens1441584Amsterdamse Brugman Club TM
C5AppointedLucy Sennef616150New Horizons Toastmasters
D1/B5AppointedChristian Bellinger4369084Green Heart Club
D2/B6AppointedFabien Ball5331439Club des Orateurs Messins
D3/B7AppointedMariana Florea1205693Bossuet Gaveliers Luxembourg
E/N1AppointedSam Lubis4597791Toastmasters of the Hague
E/N2)AppointedFaisal Irzal4434151CB&I Couperus Toastmasters
F1AppointedRachel Maire5787630Toulouse Speakers
F2AppointedMarta Rybczynska3947342Toastmasters Club Grenoble
F3AppointedBruno Palazzolo3726587Toastmasters Aix en Provence
F4AppointedAnthony Giraud2703431Toastmasters Sophia Antipolis

New District 107

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
A1 (H1)AppointedBenito Vega2873637Nova Toastmasters
A2 (H2)AppointedOlga Barroso3627980Nova CommunicaEon
A3 (H3)AppointedRay Sweeney3978077Marbella Achievers
A4 (H4)AppointedFernando de Urien Muniz3653059Toastmasters Bilbao
A5 (H5)AppointedAngela Fuertes4777263Sardinero
A6 (H6)AppointedMauro Boscia3895662Excelencia Toastmasters
A7 (H7)AppointedIsabelle Steiner3957749Toastmasters Sevilla
B1 (K1)AppointedDavid Compte4733280Sant Cugat
B2 (K2)AppointedAlba Lucia Hincapie Serna3948121Sagrada Familia Toastmasters
B3 (K3)AppointedTanja Haubner4742663Agora Almeda
B4 (K4)AppointedRoshanna Evans983117Valencia Toastmasters
B5 (K5)AppointedMichelle Basile5228295ADP Barcelona
C1 (L1)AppointedPaulo Sergio Pinto2753618Oporto Toastmasters Club
C2 (L2)AppointedVanessa Baeta3712287Coimbra TM club
C3 (L3)AppointedAngela Lopes4393826Leiria TM Club
C4 (L4)AppointedSergio Tavares4170796Invicta TM Club
D1AppointedSusana Faria2004751Corporate Club Galp@ TM Club
D2AppointedGoncalo Afonso5104230Vasco da Gama TM Club
D3AppointedStephen Hugman5070535PorEmao TM Club
E1 (M1)AppointedCristina Carapinha5321158Torres Toastmasters
E2 (M2)AppointedPedro Costa3930242Young Entrepreneurs TM
E3 (M3)AppointedDavid Oliveira4736858Leadership TM Club

New District 109

PositionElected or NominatedNominated CandidateMember #Home Club
A1 (Turin)AppointedOrlando Selenu3288504Radiant Rhetoric Toastmasters Club
A2 (M,V,V,B)AppointedFatima Carbornara5254808TM Two Towers
A3 (Rome)AppointedRoberto Germani1255124Toastmasters Roma
A4 (F,P,M)AppointedKatia Burdet3063782Trucks & Tricks TM
A5 (M,C,M,G)AppointedAntonio Tartaglia5420889Erzelli Toasters
B1 (Athens/A)AppointedAngelo Leventis3682827Athens Advanced TM
B2 (Athens/T)AppointedTheodoros Trachanidis5387400Thessaloniki TM
B3 (Cyprus)AppointedAleen Andreou294458Crusaders TM Club
B4 (Bulgaria)AppointedSinisha Veselinovich1350762Sofia Toastmasters
C1 (I)AppointedRalf Dümpelmann1447245Toastmasters of Basel
C2 (I)AppointedRoland Karius1397314UBS Rhetoric Club
C3 (I)AppointedKarl Steinke6092664TM InternaEonal Zug
D1 (J)AppointedBeatrice Anton5225066International Geneva TM Club
D2 (J)AppointedKathrin Ahrens1384216Lakeshore Speakers Neuchatel
D3 (J)AppointedHelen Fatkulbayanova6019651Lausanne
D4 (J)AppointedKevin Mckenna760967International Geneva TM Club
E1AppointedGiadi Sartori4005610UBS Rhetoric Club
E2AppointedMarcel Cafn1277637Top Notch Toastmasters Zurich
E3AppointedReto Weilenmann4162531RCZH Rhetorik Club Zurich
E4AppointedHicham Adamou5408165Zuriberg Toastmaster
F1 (Austria)AppointedLily Gundacker1451547VIC Toastmasters Club
F2 (Austria)AppointedAine Neuhaus2024421Vienna Toastmasters Club
F3 (Austria)AppointedIngeborg Schaffer5112561Rhetorik Club Salzburg

The complete report can be viewed here.