Hello District 59 Toastmasters

Here we are again. 🙂

We’re starting a new TM year filled with new projects, new goals and new ideas to grow our learning experiences and … hoping to have some fun while doing that.

This is always an exciting moment, but it can also be overwhelming!

I see a Toastmasters club as an environment where what we learn is not just the result of our own dedication. We don’t just get what we wanted or even wished for when we joined.

What we end up achieving there goes way beyond. And that happens because we find a group of people who give us much more than what we could have ever expected.

In this year we all know what lies ahead. The split, Pathways, growth, a huge joint Spring Conference … But we also know that we will do it! We have been thinking, planning, talking, preparing and sharing a lot about this in the past years. Our main challenge will be to stay even stronger together.

There are some additional challenges and we need everyone’s support to overcome them:

  • We will have 3 new districts. And this means creating new identities, a sense of community, promoting interaction, sharing resources.
  • We need to find and train more leaders. Leaders who will then feel competent, prepared and ready to manage the new Districts’ businesses.

For this year our District Core Team chose as moto – Support for Growth.

Be willing to ask for support and to give support. Aim for your own growth as much as for the others’ around you.

Always remember that you are not alone in your journey.

Learn, grow and celebrate with everyone around you.


See you around


Ana Isabel Lage Ferreira

District 59 Director

District Success Plan – see how we plan our Support for Growth